Pre Tour : 17 July

Pre-symposium tour in Saint-Étienne 13:00 – 15:30 (with registration)

Saint-Etienne is marked by the development of a number industries related to its mining identity (mines, metallurgy, mechanics, textiles, weapons manufacturing…) since the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The industrial identity of the region and the city is also characterized by the textile, bicycle, and weapons industries which the latter has been present in the city since the establishment of the Manufacture royale d’armes (Royal Factory of Arms) in 1764. Another major element of the identity of Saint-Étienne is linked to commerce; from Manufrance to Casino, Saint-Étienne is a centre of commercial experimentation. The last few years this town has increasingly developed a new identity that embraces modernity with the influence of its industrial heritage to capture the collective imagination. The pre tour suggests discovering the district around of the old Manufacture Nationale d’Armes. This district is one example of the transformation of the city. It is a good example of the passage of the city of the 19-20th century in the direction of the city of the 21th century.